Genesis Pure Canada - Natural Holistic Cat Food

Original recipe from the homeland of the wildcats - carefully manufactured in Germany.

In the wild, cats such as the lynx are naturally geared for a meat-rich diet. The main food sources for the lynx are meat and fish, however, they also ingests fruits, vegetables and berries via the stomaches of their prey. This combination supplies the wildcat with the whole range of necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements keeping them fit for the wild habitat that they live in.

Our Genesis Pure Canada Cat product line was designed based on these natural, evolutionarily nutritional requirements. The recipes contains:

70% high quality animal meat protein,
30% vegetables, fruits and berries,
0% grains
and a balanced vitamin and mineral content.

When choosing our sources of meat, we place particular emphasis on origin, variety and freshness. We always take great care to utilize existing resources with caution while considering sustainability factors. Our highest priority is the gentle processing of the raw materials which reflects our high quality standards.

Genesis Pure Canada Cat is a tasty, nourishing and complete pet food for cats of all breeds.

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70 % high quality animal meat protein

Genesis Pure Canada uses a variety of special protein sources which by nature contains vitamins, trace elements and minerals.

Thus, your cat is supplied with everything it needs for a healthy and vital life.

fresh goat

fresh angus

wild boar
fresh wild boar

fresh chicken

fresh goose

fresh duck

fresh quail

fresh pheasant

fresh salmon

fresh trout

30 % vegetables, fruits and berries




Cranberry & Blueberry

0 % grain

Free of wheat, barley, maize, rye, millet, oat and rice.

Feeding foods that contain grains to sensitive cats may lead to digestive problems, diarrhoea and flatulence.

Moreover, grain may be the reason for more and more cats suffering from allergies and adverse reactions to animal food.

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