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Manufactured in Germany:

Natural Holistic Dog Food -

Original recipe from the homeland of the wolves!

Since the beginning of time, the main component of a dog’s diet in the wilderness has been meat and fish. In their natural environment dogs also benefited from a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, as this was the diet of their prey.

The dog, like his ancestor the wolf, hungers for a meat-rich diet. Our nutritionists at Genesis Pure Canada prepared these special recipes for your dog by building on the natural foundation of our canine friends natural cravings.

Genesis Pure Canada Dog was developed with evolution and nature in mind! We’ve created our recipes using

80 % animal protein (from fresh meat and fish),
20 % fruit, vegetables, herbs and vitamins and
0 % grains.
We’ve kept it simple and included only the most essential, high quality ingredients your dog needs to thrive!

Fresh, sustainable products play an important role in how our ingredients are selected; this is part of our Genesis Pure Canada Philosophy. We take pride in selecting only the highest quality raw materials, while also being mindful to use proper cooking methods to ensure that the goodness of the ingredients is maintained. Genesis Pure Canada dog food reflects the highest quality standards you expect for your dog as well as offers the delicious flavours these blends of fresh ingredients bring to our recipes.

Genesis Pure Canada Dog uses a unique blend of fresh meat protein sources to allow your dog to benefit from the vitamins and nutrients that these meats contain naturally. This is how it’s done in the wild and this is how we believe your dog should be fed.

Each of our special formulations contains a unique blend of meat proteins because we feel this offers the best nutritional recipes for your dog. By using these combinations, we optimize digestibility, palatability and nutrient absorption.



NEW: Genesis Pure Canada – Chunk of Meat

Tasty, grain free Meat Snacks (duck, chicken and lamb) for dogs of all breeds.

Our Chico Meaty‘s are carefully manufactured and air-dried and contain up to 98% animal protein, which comes from fresh protein sources from high quality meat sources.

They are completely grain free and contain only one animal protein source (Single Protein).

snacks chicken

snacks duck

snacks lamb

greenhighland dog blueocean dog deepcanyon dog grandprairie dog wildtaiga dog broadmeadow dog widecountry dog

80 % high quality animal protein of special meats

We include a unique range of protein sources as this allows the dog to benefit from the vitamins and nutrients that these meats contain naturally instead of having to supplement with additional vitamins.

Genesis Pure Canada Dog strives to provide vitamins and minerals through fresh, natural ingredients as this is how it’s done in the wild and this is how we believe your dog should be fed.

fresh goat

fresh lamb

fresh buffalo

fresh venison

wild boar
fresh wild boar

fresh beef

fresh chicken

fresh goose

fresh duck

fresh quail

fresh pheasant

fresh salmon

wild herring
fresh wild herring

20 % vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs







Cranberry & Blueberry

Special herb complex

0 % grain

no grain
without grains

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