Food Change

How to best implement a food change for your dog with sensitive digestive system?

A food change for a sensitive dog requires a lot of attention. When implementing a food change for dogs with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, it is particularly important to do this slowly in order to avoid stress and further irritation of the digestive tract.

A food change period of about 7 days is recommended.

At first, a small proportion of the previous food is replaced with the new food. The proportion of the new food will be increased daily until it is fed exclusively.

Of course, the daily food amount needed for optimal nutrition depends on many factors. Besides age, weight, or activity level there are also many other important influences.

The products of Genesis Pure Canada are made for normally active adult dogs. However, by adjusting the amount of food it can be easily fed to very active dogs (up to 50% more than the specified portion per day) and older or overweight dogs (up to 20% less than the specified portion per day) without risking overfeeding or underfeeding.

Gradual feed change

Every two days replace 1/4 old food with 1/4 new food.

food change day 1-2

food change day 3-4

food change day 5-6

food change day 7

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